Feminine Form Ayurveda


"Be mindful of the information you ingest, whether mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc.  It becomes who you are."  ~Namaste, Shelly

I am here to facilitate your personal journey of self-discovery, health and wellness.  Ayurveda is approximately 5,000 years old, translates as life wisdom, is the mirroring of elements in our bodies, and is the oldest written holistic medicine practice.  Feminine Form Ayurveda combines Women's Wisdom traditions, Tantra and Shamanistic lineages with Ayurveda creating a  proactive approach to holistically heal and prevent disease and dis-ease of the mind-body-heart-spirit for balanced living naturally.  I will assist you in rediscovering your personal connection to self-care, tap into your inner healer examining and enhancing what is going well, and building wellness through meaningful changes.  We will work together focusing on the seven dimensions of wellness: social, emotional, occupational, intellectual, environmental, spiritual, and physical.  Whether you are trying to adjust to a newly diagnosed health condition, struggling to reach a health-related or personal goal, or trying to improve your overall well-being, I am here to be your guide.  I invite you to trust in the intelligence of your body.


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Sessions are for Kentucky residents only for Private Pay or for those who are using insurance as Preventive Medicine/Nutrition Counseling.  Please check with your insurance provider first before scheduling this appointment. 

Private Pay cost is $85/session.