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~ by Ruth West

I breathe in All That Is- Awareness expanding to take everything in, as if my heart beats the world into being. From the unnamed vastness beneath the mind, I breathe my way to wholeness and healing. Inhalation. Exhalation. Each Breath a "yes," and a letting go, a journey, and a coming home.

~poem by Danna Faulds

Without breath, there is no life.

In-Out, In-Out, In-Out, In-Hold-Out. It’s so easy to take these rhythms of breath for granted! When you fall down and skin your knee, Grandma says, “take a deep breath.” Her wisdom has taught her that you need to calm down before you can do anything else, and that breathing is just the way to do that.

In many languages, the word for Breath is the same as the word for Spirit. Breathing is a Universal language and is not subject to political, religious, socio-economic, cultural, or gender limitations. It is the greatest gift from the Treasure-house of your own body – your breath is your intimate Beloved. It is the portal to your whole Being. It nourishes your whole Body/Mind/Soul and connects you to all of LIFE.

Pause and listen to your breathing. What is it telling you? There are many exercises to regulate, or cultivate anything from Pain, to Fear, to Joy, to Life’s Purpose. Your breath can guide you home, or transform your life. It can help you facilitate embodiment, or pilot you to the inner core of your Authentic Self. You can connect to Mother Gaia and all your Relations, or to the Source of All Things.

Here is a little exercise from Judee Gee:

a. On the Inhale say to yourself, “OK, Darling, let’s take a breath”

b. “I’m alive and happy to be here”

c. “Hello, heart – all is well”

d. Then relax on the Exhale

e. Breathe in again and say, “Welcome world”

f. Breathe out and say “I Love you”

Take a Breath

~ Crone

  • Wellness Team

~by Ruth West

The March winds are blowing! Winds bring Change!

Pooh, being a Bear of very little Brain, is mostly Heart. Heart is where Winnie keeps his Emotions (called Feelings). Right now, Pooh Feels FEAR. Pooh is going to Tackle FEAR in his usual fashion, because, as he knows, after March comes April - and everything will Change.

F = Feel the feeling

E = Engage

A = Allow

R = Release

As every Bear knows, FEAR is just a Feeling – one of many, in his Emotions Toolbox. If Grandma and Grandpa Pooh hadn’t felt any Fear, and run from that Saber-tooth Tiger, Winnie wouldn’t be here today to give you a cuddle.

Winnie understands that you need to Engage your emotions. I call my Fear, “Eloise”. Dear Eloise, why are you here right now? What can you teach me? Are you reasonable? How can you help me face the Virus? What are you bringing to my attention, now that I have to stay indoors? What’s your Purpose?

Pooh takes the next step – Allow. After Feeling, and Engaging, he Allows for answers to come – answers like “HONEY!” He’s going to have a Spring Clean. Then it’s Time to make up a Song. Next, he’ll go for a walk in the Wind. Maybe he can try a carrot from Rabbit’s Garden? After that, he will sit on a log and think, think, think. Then he will LISTEN to a really good meditation (like “The Coronavirus Meditation” by his friend, Brian Scott on You Tube).

Finally, Pooh Bear appreciates that Release will help him COPE. He takes in a big Breath – enough to make his Rumbly Tummy fill, and then Puff – out it goes. Hang on Piglet, it’s March – but April is on its way. The energy of the Winds will bring us all the Change we need.

Thank you Pooh!


  • Wellness Team

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of video and audio technologies to support long-distance services between providers and their clients.

What is TheraNest?

TheraNest is a practice management application that I use to organize my appointments, notes, and billing. TheraNest is HIPAA compliant and secure.

What equipment do I need to join a session?

You’ll need the below to join a Telehealth (online therapy) session with your provider:

A computer, tablet, or phone (no applications or software to download). An external or integrated webcam. An external or integrated microphone. An internet connection with a bandwidth of at least 10 MBPS. We recommend an Ethernet cable over Wifi when possible to ensure you receive the best possible connection through your internet provider. You can check your internet speed here. Shut down all background applications to ensure Telehealth receives the majority of your internet’s bandwidth, especially applications that use your camera.

Check out our Telehealth infographic for best practices when setting up the optimal Telehealth space.

Do I need a specific internet browser?

If you’re using a Desktop or Laptop, we recommend:

Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Safari

We recommend the below if you’re using a tablet or mobile phone:

Android - Google Chrome iOS 11 or newer (iPhone or iPad) - Safari

It’s as easy as clicking the unique link shared by your provider.

There are no apps to download.

Join your session from a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Just click, enter your name, and Join.

Will our sessions be recorded?

No. TheraNest does not allow for session video or audio to be recorded.

Client: How to Join Telehealth Session

In order for you to join a Telehealth session a unique URL must be provided to you by your therapist. If you do not have a link you must reach out to them to retrieve the link.

You do NOT have to download anything to securely join the Telehealth sessions. You will be able to join from you phone, tablet, and computer. The Telehealth session windows are fully responsive and will adapt to the screen size of your device.

Do you recommend specific internet browsers?

If you’re using a Desktop or Laptop, we recommend:

Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Safari

We recommend the below if you’re using a tablet or mobile phone:

Android - Google Chrome iOS (iPhone or iPad) - Safari

Via Client Portal If you click on the appointments section in your Client Portal you should see the option to start the session next to the appointment.

Please know the appointment will show in your Therapist's time zone if different from yours.

How to join if link sent via Secure Message in your Client Portal

Login to your client portal account Click on your inbox in the header Find secure message with link to the session you need to join Click on link You will be taken to the virtual waiting room where your browser may ask permission to use your camera and microphone. You must say yes. Enter in preferred name Then test your connectivity.

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