Quantum Healing is a holistic system of energetic healing that works solely with Source Consciousness. Energetic healings connect you and your morphogenetic field directly to the Universal Creator. This allows you to transcend the limiting conditions on Earth to gain unlimited knowledge, release emotional trauma, limiting beliefs, and discomfort in the physical body. This work is about intense transformation. During your treatment, you will likely experience deep relaxation, emotional release, and even physical reactions to the energy that is running through your energetic field. Make no mistake, massive healing takes place with just one treatment. People called to do this work are typically operating at a high spiritual level, possess a deep dedication to healing, and are ready to expand their consciousness on a multidimensional level. A treatment session may involve: Bringing Awareness to your System Karmic Release Clearing, Upgrading, Cleansing, and Opening of the Chakra System Frequency Upgrades Past Life and Ancestral Healing Energizing the Body Clearing Distortions Releasing Trauma in the Body Stress Relief & Relaxation Retrieving Messages, Contracts, and Assignments Deepening your Connection to Source/Source Consciousness Release of Emotional and Spiritual Blocks Boosting the Immune System Working with the Meridian Pathways Integration Sessions are 60-90 minutes and can be booked IN-PERSON. Make sure to have space and time set up for no distractions for yourself, both during and after our session. Typically healing can take place over the course of several days after our session.

Available on Wednesdays

Single session is $111

Quantum Healing 3 session package is $315

Quantum Healing 5 session package is $500