Flower Essences

Flowers are the peak expression in the life cycle of a plant, radiant with life force energy.  Each flower holds a unique energetic signature, or vibration.  Flower essence therapy works with these patterns of energy to awaken the individual to their highest potential. 

Flower essences are created by placing flowers at the height of their bloom into a bowl of pure water, which is then potentized in the sunlight.  The infusion is preserved and can be used both internally and externally as a form of vibrational medicine.

Flower essences can help to:

Restore emotional balance

Establish healthy boundaries

Relax the nervous system

Gain awareness and insight into your life

Release stagnant energy & limiting beliefs

Align with your soul purpose

 Expand heart consciousness

Connect deeply with the nature & the cosmos

& More


Flower essences are amplified by the power of intention.  They engage us in a process of self-discovery and help us to shift towards the state you want to bring about in your life.

Flower essences can be readily integrated into any wellness program.  They do not interfere with other forms of treatment or medicine.

Flower essences are suitable for all ages.  They can also bring healing to plants and animals.

Anna Steinbrenner completed Level II Flower Essence Practitioner Training with Alaskan Essences and is working towards full certification by the end of 2022.  She is accepting clients at a reduced rate during this time.  Her focus is on working with wildflower essences and gem elixirs to enhance overall health.


Schedule an appointment with Anna Steinbrenner on Wednesdays.
60 min Initial visit is $50
30 min Follow up visit is $30

Payment must be received prior to receiving services. 
Appointments can be made through the online portal or by calling our center.