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Strong Immunity Resource Guide

Your immune system is your body’s defense system to fight bacteria and germs that can make you sick or worse, cause disease. When it comes to staying healthy, or shortening an illness, having a strong immune system is important.  Find out more in this 8 page resource guide.  


Stress Management During the Holidays

The holidays are a stressful time for everyone. There are so many gatherings and all kinds of tasks that need to be completed. You have to go to this holiday party with your co-workers and another get-together with your friends. Your kids might have holiday parties at school, and your spouse’s employer might host a dinner. Not to mention, you have to buy the gifts, cook the food, clean the house for company, and so much more. There’s a lot of pressure to make the holiday season Hallmark movie perfect.  

Check out these 12 tips to get you through!

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Heart Healthy Tips and Recipes

This free guide will get you started on a healthy heart journey.


Eating Healthy During BBQ Season

Thanks to all of the delicious dishes; it can also be a time where you start to feel your waistline expand, your body seemingly bloated, and exhaustion creeps up out of nowhere. This is because the food that tends to be served at a BBQ, while delicious, is filled with carbs, sugar, and of course, meat.Here are some of my favorite healthy recipes to make for a BBQ!


5 Minutes to Calm and Clarity

This is a free guided meditation.

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Daily Life Journal



Understanding Inflammation

Inflammation is a condition which affects many people. We all know that reducing inflammation is essential - but, it's not an easy task when most food items on the grocery shelves wreak havoc on the body.So, what do you eat to reduce inflammation and what should you avoid? This is exactly what is covered in this 10 page e-book.


Appreciating Things in Your Life

This is a free guided meditation.


A Taste of Fall

Free Fall Recipes

10 Healthy recipes

you will love!


Simple Breathing Meditation

This is a free guided meditation.

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