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Massage Therapy 

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Massage Therapy:

Available Tuesdays through Fridays 

60 minute massage for $90

90 minute massage for $120

120 minute massage for $155

Services Provided

Jacob Gilbert, LMT and Karen Fetchko, LMT

Swedish massage:

Combines 7 different massage techniques including gliding, kneading, friction, percussion, vibration, stretching, and joint mobilization to provide the body and mind with a general sense of rejuvenation and relaxation. Swedish massages are mostly symmetrical and pick out a few key areas of tension to work out through the massage. (this is what most people think of when they think of massage) Can be performed with light to deep pressure.

Deep tissue:

Not to be confused with a deep pressure Swedish massage, deep tissue massages are very slow and methodic. Typically a full body deep tissue massage takes 90-120 minutes. It uses gliding, kneading, friction, and stretching to slowly sink into the deeper tissues of the body. A medium to deep pressure is used. When done properly, a deep tissue massage does not necessarily feel like deep pressure is being used and should not be painful.

Relaxation massage:

Geared towards relaxing your mind and body, relaxation massages mainly use gliding and kneading strokes to generally work the muscles and surface tissues. The strokes tend to be rhythmic, slow, and smooth. Each side is worked symmetrically. Can be done using light-deep pressure.

Injury Assessment:

If you are suffering from chronic or acute pain, massage could be the solution for you. Injury assessment massage is generally purchased as a series. During the first session 15-20 minutes is spent discussing the problem and assessing what is going on. This can include analyzing posture, the way you walk, range of motion, etc. Please note I am not a doctor, I can not diagnose you, I can simply assess and tell you what is obvious, then try to work my magic. The rest of the time will be spent with you on the table while I feel for any areas of tension, constriction, adhesion, etc. After that, we will discuss a plan of action together and if massage is right for you.

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