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10 Week Positivity Challenge - Week 5

“By discovering nature, you discover yourself.”

- Maxime Lagacé

Some days you might feel like you need an extra boost to stay positive. Maybe something in your life is preventing you from feeling like your usual happy self. There are plenty of ways to give yourself that boost, whether it’s every day or just sometimes.

It all starts with going back to nature. What are some things you enjoy doing outside? Think about your favorite outdoor activities and how they make you feel.

What can you do outside to boost your mood? Being in nature is powerful itself, and you don't need to do a specific activity to feel more positive. Whatever you’re comfortable with will work. Keep in mind that physical activity can provide a mood boost, too, giving you even greater benefits.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

- Cycling. Hop on your bike and go for a ride. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme. Just a casual ride will do.

- Walking/running. Explore your neighborhood by going on a walk or run. Maybe you’ll find a new path to take. Grab a walking buddy to chat with as you stroll.

- Swimming. If you have a pool in your yard or have a neighborhood pool, a nice swim can put you in a good mood.

- Picking up litter. Not only will you be helping yourself as you walk around outdoors, but you’ll also be helping the planet. You can bring along a trash bag and fill it with trash in your neighborhood.

- Gardening. If you’re looking for another reason to start a garden, boosting your mood is a good one. Spend time in nature and grow some fresh fruits and veggies for your family.

- Reading. If you’re a reader, why not take your book outside? You can sit under a tree or on your porch while diving into a new book.

- Taking pictures. Do you enjoy photography? When you bring your camera or smartphone along on your walk, you can take pictures of all kinds of things. You might find small creatures, interesting plants, and more.

- Exercising or stretching. Instead of working out inside, do it on your deck or driveway. You can also stretch on your yoga mat outside. The change of scenery can improve your workout too.

- Drawing. If you’re into art, you can move that hobby outdoors. Find a comfortable spot to draw or paint so you can enjoy the outdoors too.

You don’t have to do these outdoor activities on your own either. Doing them with friends or family can make them that much more enjoyable. Then, those around you will feel more positive too.

Spending time in nature is a good way to create bonds with those you love.

Being outdoors can reduce fear, anger, and stress. It can promote more positive emotions. It also has a positive impact on your physical health, including blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormone production. Nature can also be soothing and distracts people from discomfort.

Even looking at nature can give you a mood boost. If the weather isn’t nice enough for an outdoor activity, look out the window for a little while.

I want you to make an effort to spend a little more time in nature this week. Find a new outdoor activity that you can enjoy.



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