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Enliven Your Inner Healer

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Written by Gigi Santiago with permission to re-post.

Connecting to your pure consciousness, can enliven your full potential. There you will find the unbounded awareness of the Self. A comfort in peace, calm, and oneness.

Throughout my yoga practice in the last 25 yrs, I have encountered many ways that Yoga has helped shaped me. The most profound moment when Yoga was most helpful was when my son was born. He was born with multiple disabilities, and my knowledge of Yoga helped me assist him during his growth. He had difficulty with foods due to his neurological impairment, and the medical community did not have an answer. So my study in Ayurveda began. I am self-taught through books and quickly applied through practice and error a routine of seasonal foods and herbs to his diet. I began to see that he was thriving and adapting to the menu. The doctors and I witnessed my son growing and gaining weight. I am self-taught through many books I have read and studied with many teachers I have met throughout the years. Through a Facebook ad, I saw an Ayurveda course with Maharishi University, and I decided that I would like to experience a formal education in this science. It made sense to me after studying Yoga for so many years, and Ayurveda is the sister of Yoga, so I dove right in and was accepted to the Ayurveda program. Maharishi University has been a great addition to my work, and the Ayurveda program is more than what I could have imagined. 

Today, I teach those that want to learn the ancient Indian practice of healing and spiritual enlightenment.  I am a yoga instructor, and I created a 6-week course for people interested in exploring the opportunity to learn more about themselves and create positive choices that will evoke the changes in their current paradigm that will assist them in achieving their goals. 

In the Yoga Sutras, describes the three characteristics of the Supreme Purusha. The eternal guide of all living beings, omniscience, perfect knowledge of everything. Yoga teaches us to use the sources we have received as a gift to unfold our human potential to its fullest. This realization unfolds and manifests in the form of love and faith. In our surrender, a spontaneous wave of gratitude toward that inner guide creates a mental climate of self-surrender and attain freedom. 

In my course, we will learn long-range goals of gaining absolute alertness of mind and intellect. Perfect health is only possible in a permanent state of infinite readiness. We will explore the Ayurveda approach to health that helps to balance the relationship of the individual with the knowledge of diet, digestion, and nutrition. Yoga exercises give great wisdom of living for stabilizing absolute alertness in the physiology and for increasing perfection in daily life. To live in waves of bliss and fulfillment without stress, strain, or problems, we need to handle our bodies and minds with the utmost care.

Nature teaches us that in the smallest particles, there are infinite frequencies that occur in the tremendous dynamism of creation. There is only one field with two different modes of behavior in nature. The same is found within our senses, mind, and intellect. There you will find the duality within yourself. But for a moment when you connect to your pure consciousness, there is no duality. There you will find the unbounded awareness of the Self. A comfort in peace, calm, and oneness.

We are an innocent player in the ocean of consciousness of the unified field. We are playing on the ocean of consciousness. We are the ocean. We are the wave, and our reality is a much the ocean, becoming more and more awake to that truth. Gaining more of the support of that ocean on the surface of life. 

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