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Just Breathe

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

~ by Ruth West

I breathe in All That Is- Awareness expanding to take everything in, as if my heart beats the world into being. From the unnamed vastness beneath the mind, I breathe my way to wholeness and healing. Inhalation. Exhalation. Each Breath a "yes," and a letting go, a journey, and a coming home.

~poem by Danna Faulds

Without breath, there is no life.

In-Out, In-Out, In-Out, In-Hold-Out. It’s so easy to take these rhythms of breath for granted! When you fall down and skin your knee, Grandma says, “take a deep breath.” Her wisdom has taught her that you need to calm down before you can do anything else, and that breathing is just the way to do that.

In many languages, the word for Breath is the same as the word for Spirit. Breathing is a Universal language and is not subject to political, religious, socio-economic, cultural, or gender limitations. It is the greatest gift from the Treasure-house of your own body – your breath is your intimate Beloved. It is the portal to your whole Being. It nourishes your whole Body/Mind/Soul and connects you to all of LIFE.

Pause and listen to your breathing. What is it telling you? There are many exercises to regulate, or cultivate anything from Pain, to Fear, to Joy, to Life’s Purpose. Your breath can guide you home, or transform your life. It can help you facilitate embodiment, or pilot you to the inner core of your Authentic Self. You can connect to Mother Gaia and all your Relations, or to the Source of All Things.

Here is a little exercise from Judee Gee:

a. On the Inhale say to yourself, “OK, Darling, let’s take a breath”

b. “I’m alive and happy to be here”

c. “Hello, heart – all is well”

d. Then relax on the Exhale

e. Breathe in again and say, “Welcome world”

f. Breathe out and say “I Love you”

Take a Breath

~ Crone

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