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Mirror Mirror

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

~ by Ruth West

Mirrors are the only way you can see Yourself!

Alice walked through the mirror to see what was on the other side – what she saw, were pieces of herself looking back at her. She had to put the pieces back together to find her Real Self, and to come to terms with her Shadow Side.

We all know the story of the Evil Queen who asked “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Fairest of Them All?” What she got was an honest reply. The Mirror reflected back to her, her physical beauty. But It showed her what her Inner Self looked like – and that True Beauty is about what is Inside.

Paul Scheele states that from the beginning of our lives, we encounter those who judge us by projecting their own feelings onto us. This is the mirror they hold up, to see themselves. This is actually a two-way mirror, for it reflects back to us, some pieces of ourselves that we could not see without this Mirror.

How do we begin to assemble our self-image? According to “Reach,” in their article, “Mirror Work”, even as babies, we receive a myriad of verbal and non-verb messages that form a collage of impressions and expressions – the raw materials from which we form our personality. Our eyes receive mirror messages from the “outside world” before we even have language. Then our sub-conscious interprets and returns to our conscious mind, a perception of who we are. This image is distorted, so a physical mirror can be a valuable tool in clearing up these distortions. It can also help us see our Shadow Side and make changes.

Louise Hay encouraged us to do Mirror Work to make these changes. As you look into your mirror every day, say something nice to yourself, instead of using your self-talk to criticize. Oprah simply says “How you doing Sweetie” as she gives herself a wink and a smile.

As you gaze into your mirror, tell yourself things you like about your reflection - “I like my eyes – they are sparkly” or, “I love my smile”, or simply “I love you!” for a start. Louise believed that with practice, and with affirmations such as “I believe in you,” “You are a beautiful human being,” and “You deserve the best life has to offer,” you can begin to see your real inner beauty, put the pieces together, and find your Real Self.

Now, really look into your Mirror – right into your own eyes – they are the gateway to your Soul. Find things to love about yourself. Then fall in love with the Real You. You are worth it!

~ Crone

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