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Money makes the world go around… the world go around… the world go around

Oh- sorry – are you too young to remember that famous song from the movie, “Caberet?” How about this – when Dolly Levi (in the movie, “Hello, Dolly!”) states, “Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around, encouraging young things to grow.” Still too young???

Well, these are just two of the viewpoints I picked up when I was young – because I was crazy about both of those movies. I also learned that “Money is the root of all evil”, or (here’s another good one) – “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” How about “You can’t take it with you”, “Life is hard,” “I never win anything,” “I can’t afford that,” or my personal favorite – “Struggle is how we learn.” What stories have you heard about money – or what stories do you tell yourself about it?

Where did all of these ideas come from? We learn about money from our parents, our family, our peers, the media, those in authority, our own experiences – and we throw all of this into the mix. We come out with – well – a very mixed bag!. In truth, money is just another form of energy. It is neither good, nor bad. It is just inert pieces of paper and metal with an idea behind it (money was SALT in Ancient Egypt). What gives money its energy is what we THINK about it, FEEL about it – and then what we DO about it. We are the ones who give it any meaning or value or life.

Do you feel fear, lack, guilt, resentment, avoidance, or shame when you hear the word “money?” Or do you feel grateful, abundant, satisfied, secure, and relaxed? These feelings are the vibrations you send out to the stuff we call money. Then, according to quantum physics, YOU move that money around with those feelings in an expansion/contraction way - and it is YOUR thoughts, feelings, and actions that pull it toward you – or push it away.

So instead of panic – which just shoots it into the wind, you need to make it flow like even breathing – receive/give, earn/spend, save/thank – and please don’t hold your breath and hoard for goodness sakes!

In these uncertain times, it is easy to attach agitation to money. This is a mis-use of our energy and accomplishes nothing. Gratitude is feeling that is far more useful. According to the Law of Attraction, as we put out our energy in waves of thanksgiving, we receive more of what we are thankful for. And true Abundance is about so much more than money anyway.

Did you get up this morning and draw another breath? Was there sunshine, or moonlight, or a little sprinkle in the air? Did you have that first cup or coffee or tea? Did your puppy wag his tail in delight to see you? Was there running water in your shower – and a toilet to flush? Was there ground beneath your feet and shelter over your head? Don’t value your life in terms of mere money. Look around you at what you already have that is truly life-giving. Feel excited to be living another glorious day!

In addition, you can hear, you can speak, you can think, you can move. You will find creative ways to manage your life. Believe, trust, calm down, don’t take “money” so seriously. Be kind. Be generous with what you DO have (even if it isn’t money). Change that programmed thinking about money that somebody else taught you. Spread that bitcoin around – making young things grow. Dolly was a wise old lady after all!

~Ruth West

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