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Women's Healing Centered Practice

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Available only on Fridays

Cost of sessions: $135

You are more than your experiences. You are whole. Women’s Healing-Centered Practice is a three-hour appointment focused on women’s health, wellbeing and balance in a welcoming, safe and comfortable environment, emphasizing connection to the self.  We will focus on holistic restoration through meditation, women’s centered yoga, yoni steaming, and reiki. The yoga sequence is designed for accessibility (participants may either sit on the floor or in a chair), as well as offers the freedom to make choices in how we move in our bodies in a non-judgmental atmosphere.  You will also receive a supplement that is designed to support women’s health, weather you are currently menstruating or in menopause and beyond.  (see our site for more information about yoni steaming and complete the intake form located on this page


The two supplements to choose from are below:

  1.  Women’s Support Tablets:    Promotes Vitality, Strength & Proper Function of the Female Reproductive System (for menstruating women).  For more information, see Banyan’s site:


  1.  Women’s Natural Transition:  Support for a Healthy Menopause and Beyond (for women no longer menstruating).  For more information, see Banyan’s site:

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