The ancient practices of yoga, dating back over 5,000 years, have been found to be beneficial as an adjunctive therapy to standard psychotherapy practices.  While yoga is not a cure, it is a tool that can be used to assist with mental health recovery. 

The benefits of yoga include but are not limited to:

·       Improving memory and concentration
·       Increasing “feel good” chemicals in the brain to                        improve overall

·       Reduces anxiety and depression through increasing                GABA levels
·       Reduces stress
·       Improves ability to manage mood lability
·       Protects against brain aging
·       Reduces symptoms of PTSD by stimulating the                        parasympathetic

        nervous system
·       Decreases pain through improved flexibility of                          muscles, bones, joints and connective tissues
·       Improves sleep
·       Stimulates the vagus nerve to improve depression

Yoga is a way of being and doing by connecting the mind and body in becoming one with the universe, with the self, and with others through breathing exercises, meditation, mindfulness, visualization and body postures.  Yoga means to create balance of mind, body and soul.  Yoga is not meant to be practiced perfectly.  It is meant to be practiced to the best of your ability wholeheartedly, at whatever level. 

What to wear 


Please wear comfortable clothing that is loose fitting, light and comfortable.  Please ensure clothing is appropriate and tasteful.  No see-through clothing and no holes in clothing that would be revealing.  This is a family friendly environment.   




Be prepared for class.  Class will generally start on-time, so please come early enough to set up. You are welcome to bring your own yoga mat, strap, blanket, and blocks.  We have these supplies as well.   



Allow enough time for your body to digest.  Practicing yoga on a full stomach can be very uncomfortable, can hinder your ability to complete the poses, can create excess gases running through your system when completing twists, and can be counterproductive to practicing yoga as digestion requires energy.  Generally, allowing three hours after a large meal and one hour after a light meal will be sufficient.  If you have dietary needs related to blood sugar levels, please be mindful and take care of yourself. 

Precautions and medical concerns


Please discuss with your medical provider any concerns you may have about practicing yoga if you have any medical or physical ailments that may not be suitable for attendance.


You are ultimately responsible for your health and wellbeing. Some individuals with chronic medical concerns may be unable to attend or may have to significantly modify poses when attending classes.  


Please make sure we are aware of any medical concerns you may have and instructions from your medical doctor in writing should you have any life threatening illnesses.  




Cost of a single class is $12

Please arrive 15 minutes early to pay for and settle into class

If you are a first time student fill out waiver form located in Mindbody registration login.

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