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Mental health counseling is available for children ages 5 and older, teens and adults.  We accept a variety of insurances and private pay.  Please call our office for more information related to insurance coverage.  We only accept Kentucky Residents.

Services offered:
  • Face-to-face appointments for individuals, couples, and families utilizing health insurance or private pay.
  • Tele-Mental Health for individuals residing in Kentucky only.  We cannot provide tele-mental health to individuals residing in other states.  This may be covered by health insurance.  Please check with your insurance company.  Otherwise this service is a private pay.  


Please call our office to schedule your first appointment


or contact us with your name, type of insurance, phone number and best time to reach you.

Cost of services:
  • Cost when using health insurance depends upon the individual plan and may vary.  Co-payments are required to be paid prior to receiving services when using health insurance.
  • Private pay for one hour face-to-face and tele-mental health appointments are $85/hour for individuals and $100/hour for families/couples, and must be paid prior to receiving services.
  • Cost to complete any type of paperwork is $55.00 per occurrence and $25.00 for letters.  This is up to the discretion of your therapist who may or may not decline to complete such documentation.
  • If a therapist is subpoenaed to court, the cost is $300.00 per hour, to include travel time, wait time, etc., and is the client's obligation to pay.
  • No-shows to appointments result in a $50.00 fee and same day cancellations result in a $35.00 fee.


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