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10 Week Positivity Challenge - Week 3

“Every time you do a good deed you shine the light a little farther into the dark. And the thing is, when you're gone that light is going to keep shining on, pushing the shadows back.” Charles de lint

I want you to take a moment and think about a time when you helped someone out. Or maybe you did something nice for someone. This might be a volunteer opportunity, or you might have just helped a friend out.

Now, think about the feelings you had after that. How did you feel knowing that you had done something helpful?

Not only does volunteering or helping someone have an impact on their life, but it also has a positive impact on your life! Most people will agree that volunteering makes them feel more positive overall.

Why is this?

Well, when you help someone, it can cause you to relax. You might get some clarity about the problems in your life. Plus, you will feel better because you know you did something beneficial for someone else.

Helping a friend doesn’t have to be long or involved. You DO have time to volunteer or assist someone. Sure, you might have to make some time. You might have to wake up earlier on a Saturday to volunteer at an animal shelter. Or maybe you will need to make a sacrifice to visit a friend who needs to vent.

By being there for someone, you will make them feel better, and you'll feel better, too, knowing that you were able to help.

If you're offering to help, make sure you're only offering as much of your time and energy that you can honestly give. You don't want to over-commit and let anyone down, including yourself.

But I bet you probably have some time in your schedule that you can carve out to take care of someone besides yourself.

Here are a few ideas to get you started…

Ways to help a friend, family member, or neighbor:

- Listen to someone who just needs to talk.

- Offer to help with daily tasks if someone is sick, hurt, or recovering.

- Ask to run an errand or bring a meal to a busy person.

- Offer words of encouragement, whether that’s in-person or via text.

- Send a care package.

Places to volunteer:

- Animal shelters

- National parks

- Food pantries

- Museums

- Libraries

- Habitat for Humanity

- Homeless shelters

When you make a difference in someone else's life, you will make a difference in yours.

I want to challenge you to have a positive impact on someone else's life and see how it changes yours!

I know, I know….we are in a pandemic. There are still many ways to help while staying safe. Be creative! There is always a way.



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