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10 Week Positivity Challenge - Week 8

"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within."

-Maya Angelou

What kinds of messages are you sending yourself? What do you tell yourself each day? Try to think about what runs through your mind and what you think about.

You might realize that you're hard on yourself or have a lot of doubts about what you're doing in life. You might get down on yourself for little things.

It’s totally normal! But I want to challenge you to change your mindset.

Part of this starts with thinking more positive thoughts. Instead of getting down on yourself for messing up on something, look at it as an opportunity to grow, learn and problem-solve.

For example, instead of getting upset that you missed a workout, look at how many you haven’t missed. This can apply to so many areas of your life.

Simply turn things around and try to find the good in the bad.

You can also start to replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. For example, you might be upset that you didn't get a head start on your work in the morning and slept in a little too late. While it can be upsetting, it's important to realize that your body might need that extra rest and work a little longer in the evening. Though it might not be the ideal situation, there are ways to make it good.

The same goes for the negative thoughts you think about yourself. While you might be upset over a mistake you made and calling yourself dumb, you can consider it a learning opportunity. You aren’t supposed to know everything yet. You can still continue to make mistakes and grow from them.

Another way to surround yourself with positivity is by sending yourself positive messages. You can leave encouraging messages around your house or workspace by simply writing them down on sticky notes. There are countless motivational quotes online so you can find the ones that speak to you.

When you see these positive notes daily, you will start to feel them and believe them. You might even memorize them and think them to yourself when you aren't even reading them. When you get used to seeing them all the time, you will be able to change your mindset.

As you try to be more positive, it’s important to be patient with yourself. You’re rewiring your brain to think in a totally different way. It’s just not what you’re used to. As you adjust, it will take some time. Take it slow. It won’t happen overnight.

What are some messages you’re going to start sending yourself? I want you to make an effort to change your mindset and surround yourself with positivity.



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