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Ancestral Healing

First of all – who ARE my ancestors? Well, there are my Blood ancestors – parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, (in fact, anyone related to me by blood) that has “passed over.” Then there are my Lineage Ancestors – through adoption, marriage, initiation (religious, spiritual, clubs and memberships - like the Masons), affinities (like great poets, authors, artists, athletes), saints, and finally the more etheric – such as Spirit Guides, Ghosts, Spirits of the Land, Spirits of the House (and other guardians) - and non-human ancestors. WOW – we are talking about a LOT of Ancestors!

How can I connect to them? REMEMBERANCE is the key. I can start with something as simple as a picture and a white candle. I can say their name – if I know it (or write it on a piece of paper and blow my breath on it). I can offer prayers, poems, blessings, humming (to change the vibration) - or just good thoughts. Or I can go deeper and offer objects, a flower, food, or beverages. Or – I can make some memorial art – a simple drawing on a card to represent them or their life. Rituals and journals are great tools to help me to remember.

Now what about the healing process? There is trauma in every family. It was passed to me from the very distant past. I might not know the specifics, but I know that at least one of my ancestors faced a saber-tooth tiger – and lived to tell about it! These brave souls might have passed on some destructive patterns that I can trace in my family today – but they also relayed some survival skills that I could find very useful. I can learn to forgive the first - and thank them for the second ones.

Did you know you can call on Ancestors for help and guidance – even if you don’t know who they are – yet? You can ask them for help in healing - or you can offer to help THEM heal. Remember – we all BELONG to someone – we all have connections to tend to and strengthen.

If you would like to delve deeper, Lotus Counseling is offering an Ancestral Healing workshop on November 20th at their Center. I will bring pictures of family members, a token gift, and a notebook and pen for journaling. Together, we can take an adventure into healing. Hope to see you there!


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