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Can We Control How Our Body Reacts To Toxins?

Toxins are something we encounter every single day, whether we are aware of it or not. By definition, a toxin is described as “a harmful substance produced within living cells or organisms; synthetic toxicants created by artificial processes are thus excluded.” Toxins can be found in almost anything; food, cleaning products, even our skincare products that we put right on our skin every day! The question now is, with so many holistic and natural products now on the market, can we escape toxins completely? Can we truly control how our body reacts to them?

What causes you to ingest toxins?

Toxins refer to added chemicals or pollutants that are unnatural as people are seeking more natural techniques. As we ingest these toxins, they can manifest in a number of unpleasant ways that make us feel lousy, such as lethargy and bad gas/bloating.

How do your organs deal with these toxins? Where do they end up after being filtered out?

According to Healthline, “Your lungs filter harmful substances in the air, such as toxins from cigarette smoke. Your intestines destroy parasites and other unwanted organisms. Your kidneys filter excess toxins and waste from your blood and release them in your urine.” There are a lot of products out there that claim to clean your blood from these toxins such as detox teas and juices, but since our bodies do this naturally, there is really no need for these things (and, in some cases, can actually do more harm than good).

How can we reduce the number of toxins in our everyday lives?

You can always make the effort to make the switch to surround yourself with more natural foods and products. There are tons of them out there on the market, from replacing your cooking oils to your cookware.

The most common symptoms of toxin overload.

Your body may be suffering from a toxin overload if you’re experiencing diarrhea, coughing fits, sneezing, excessive urination, sore throat, etc. You will generally feel pretty unwell, which is generally a sign that your internal health could be suffering.

Do not be afraid to look into more natural, non-toxic replacements for your current belongings; you’ll feel better in the long run!

~Shelly Werts

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