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Explore! Explore!

~by Ruth West

What are we going to explore in this lovely dark cave, called “YOU”? Today, we will look for “Self-Love”. First, let’s think about the concept of self-love. It is the foundation of anything you want to create. What are the components of this creation? Well, before you design anything, you have to have faith in your ability to do so. You have to accept yourself in that moment. Know that you don’t have to wait for a better version of you to come along - so that you can achieve your objective. You have to believe that you can achieve.

Now, there is that other buzz-word – achieve. What does that really mean? Society is always pushing us to do more and more and more – and to get more, and more, and more. You can actually get addicted to “achievement.” Then, they throw you the curve ball – “They” are critical of your results and try to control you with feelings of unworthiness, and of not being good enough. You begin to buy into this, becoming judgmental and critical of yourself. You want to prove yourself to those “Others.” Sometimes you even procrastinate because this means no risks and no failure. Why do you have to prove yourself to anyone else? This is because you are seeking external love and validation in lieu of Self-love. Impress yourself (don’t worry about impressing others) – because you are WORTH it!

So how do you get to a place of loving yourself (not your personality – but your pure true self)? This is where Exploration comes in. An explorer doesn’t judge. Go deep into yourself with the intention of discovery. “I love myself enough to know that there are some areas in my life I want to look at and change and grow. I’m going to excavate and find all the jewels that are worth keeping. I don’t know what I will find – but I have a Light to shine in all the dark corners - to unearth what is brilliant – and also - what needs to be polished.”

Be an intrepid Explorer. You are on a Journey of Self-Discovery. Don’t have any expectations about the destination. Wherever you are - “START” – and you just take the next step forward – you can’t journey any other way. Then, NOTICE, NOTICE, NOTICE – a good Explorer always observes the details. How do you talk to yourself and what stories do you tell yourself? What tone of voice do you use – do you scold, or are you kind? Check the mirror and appreciate the Self that has gotten you this far. Feel about yourself the way you feel about your Beloved – because you ARE the Beloved you have been waiting for.

Lots of love

~ Crone

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