Got a Picky Eater? Try These Tips

Kids can be picky eaters. Some, of course, are more finicky than others. And for many, mealtime can become a dreaded battle ground.

Do you have children that despise anything that doesn’t resemble a chicken nugget?

Do they turn their nose if it isn’t packed with sugar?

If so, then you have your hands full. Here are a few ideas to help you win the battle and get some vitamins and nutrients into your kid’s diet.

1 - Fun Shapes

It doesn’t matter what it is, kids tend to like things that look fun. Pancakes and sandwiches are easy to shape with cookie cutters. However, you can also make vegetable latkes and shape them.

Get creative with vegetables! Imagine building a little log cabin out of celery, with carrots and cheese or peanut butter as an adhesive to bind it all together.

Don’t forget meats. You can cut turkey burgers, chicken breasts and other meat into shapes too. Once your child is accustomed to the flavor you can ease back on the novelty shapes and fun designs.

2 – Get Sneaky

Add vegetable and fruit purees to their favorites. Brownies, breads and muffins and even sauces or dips can be healthy too.

For example, add some applesauce, blueberry or peach puree to yogurt and serve with shredded chicken or breads & biscuits.

3 – Cheese

Most kids love cheese. You can embrace this tasty food as a dip, a sauce or a casserole staple. You can also stuff vegetable or meats with cheese. Yum, a cheese-filled pepper, or chicken breast!

4 - Don’t Force the Issue

Many parents choose to simply make their meals as they would normally make them. However, taking a less stringent approach can make a world of difference.

Instead of making kids eat everything, simply ask your child to “try” everything. Most children are more opposed to how a food looks than how it tastes.