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The Best At-Home Workouts for Busy People

Perhaps you work or have school and simply can't make time to exercise because the moment you get home, you want to kick back and relax. Trust me, I get it. But it makes you feel this sense of disappointment because you know you should get a workout in. But, hey, you don't need to get to the gym in order to get a workout in! You don't even need a home treadmill or elliptical. You can do simple at-home workouts that simply require your body and a good warm-up (and don’t forget your water bottle)!

1. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT is one of the more popular workouts because it truly gets the heart pumping, and it doesn't require much of your time either. HIIT involves very high-intensity and advanced exercise that helps to burn calories at a rapid rate long-term. A Tabata workout is perfect for HIIT, which is 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, including movements of push-ups, air squats, crunches, etc., in reps. And, as said previously, it only requires 10 minutes of your time at most.

2. Yoga

This is perfect for the person who would rather enjoy a slower workout rather than a high-intensity sweat fest. Yoga is a great way to stretch the body, get a light workout in, and also relax a bit at the same time - especially after a busy day. You can take yoga at your own rate as well, meaning you can speed it up for a quicker burn. And, bonus, there are tons of videos you can follow online if you aren’t sure about the best yoga poses for exercise.

3. Running intervals

Did you know that running in place or even doing laps around the room/your house counts as a workout? Yes, any type of movement counts! And you can do these running intervals easily at any time. Bonus points if you can get those knees up for an extra burn. It’s a great way to pass the time while watching TV after a long day.

The Main Takeaway

It’s possible to get a workout in when you’re busy - you no longer have to make excuses or feel disappointed for not getting to the gym. Just get up and start moving (or, if you choose yoga, you’ll want to get down). Your body will thank you later!


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