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These 5 Grounding Tips Can Help You Defeat a Mid-Life Crisis

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~ by Dorothy Watson

Though a mid-life crisis may sound dramatic, it can subtly creep up on you and cast a shadow on an otherwise well-lived life. If a mid-life crisis is hampering your motivation and leaving you directionless, there's hope! Consider these ideas from Lotus Counseling and Wellness Center for finding positivity and inspiration.

Choose a Career Pivot

Feeling stagnant in life often correlates to dissatisfaction at work, too. A change of scenery career-wise could be just what you need to feel inspired again.

Your existing skills may translate to a new opportunity, or you might opt for an additional credential or a return to school to brush up on a new industry.

When it's time to apply for jobs, take care to showcase your abilities and experience with a smart-looking curriculum vitae. Create a professional resume by using a CV builder that offers sleek templates with options for copy, photos, colors, and more.

Become Your Own Boss

If shifting gears in the workplace isn't enough of a change, becoming your own boss might be a good fit. Diving into entrepreneurship could provide the challenge and rewards you're looking for. Plus, you won't be alone; over 840,000 new businesses launched in 2021, per Statista.

Consider your talents and passions, then brainstorm possible business ideas. As you flesh out the business planning, consider the legal and regulatory aspects of entrepreneurship.

For example, you'll need to choose a legal structure for your business. An LLC offers benefits like limited liability, flexibility, and less paperwork than other options. Check your state's rules before filing, and consider using a formation service to avoid lawyer fees.

Rejuvenate Your Personal Network

Of all the things you could do with your time, spending it with loved ones might be the best investment. Reconnecting with family and friends could provide a fresh perspective and highlight what matters.

Plus, shifting your focus to others rather than yourself is an ideal path to personal growth. Try to help out a friend or family member or pursue volunteer opportunities together. Volunteering helps your community on a larger scale and provides perspective and a bonding experience with your friend or relative.

Adopt (or Foster) a Pet

There's no proven cure for mid-life crisis blues, but an adorable pet never hurts. If you don't already have a furry family member, now might be the ideal time to foster or adopt.

Fostering a pet provides an opportunity to do some good while testing the waters of pet ownership. Worst-case scenario, you find it's not for you and say goodbye to your short-term charge when they find an adopter.

Should you decide to foster-to-adopt or adopt outright, having a pet in your life could provide benefits such as lowered anxiety and more positive moods. Of course, make sure your lifestyle can accommodate a pet before heading to the animal shelter.

Seek Professional Support

It may be the simplest and perhaps least exciting suggestion for mid-life crisis recovery, but therapy could provide the grounding effect that you need to navigate these new challenges.

As PsychCentral explains, people often attend therapy to deal with difficulties in life transitions or to help them manage anxiety, stress, grief, or countless other elements of the human experience.

There's no shame in seeking professional help and coping strategies in any season of life, and therapy could help you navigate a mid-life crisis more effectively.

Though finding a new job or adopting a dog won't "cure" a mid-life crisis, every small action helps get you back on track. A new job might jump-start a professional passion, a feline friend could give you a sense of comfort at home, and many other action items can help you defeat a mid-life crisis and move forward.

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