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Toxin-Free Makeup Brands For Healthier Skin

Today, many brands and companies are going as green as possible and reducing the number of toxins in their products or going completely clean all the way. This includes makeup brands - many are going cruelty-free, vegan, and more, going toxin-free all while keeping the skin in tip-top condition!

Tara Foley, founder of clean skincare retailer Follain, weighs in about the truth behind toxin-free makeup brands. "One of the things people don't realize about clean makeup is that it is an extension of skincare," she says. "A truly clean makeup product is going to nourish your skin."

Toxin-free makeup brands that are functional, cruelty-free, and pure

Some of the best toxin-free makeup brands include Saie, Ere Perez, RMS Beauty, ILIA Beauty, W3LL PEOPLE, Jane Iredale, and Ecobrow. Also, for my fellow redheads, there is the brand Redhead Revolution. Most, if not all, of these brands carry many different kinds of makeup from mascara to foundations to lipsticks- and yes, they’re all completely toxin-free. You can rest assured as a cosmetics consumer that you are getting only the highest quality products that will not damage your skin. Instead, it will repair it and nourish it in ways you never thought possible.

Toxin-free mineral makeup brands to invest in

Mineral makeup is essentially makeup that is composed of compressed minerals, so they do not contain any oil or wax additives. This can result in extremely beneficial health for the skin! Some of the best mineral makeup to invest in include the brands Mineral Fusion, Ofra Derma, CoverFX, Maia’s Mineral Galaxy, and Glo Skin Beauty HD. Similar to the previously mentioned toxin-free makeup brands, these will give your skin some amazing health benefits all while achieving high-quality cosmetic results!

Where you can find these brands

Easy! You can simply take it to and do a quick search. You can likely find a lot of these brands at your local retailers such as Target or Ulta, and you can also find them online, whether on the manufacturing website or sold through an online retailer website. It is just like normal, non-toxin-free makeup; they’re all right there with easy access!

You no longer need to compromise your health for the sake of looking good or investing in something that you love. For a long time now, toxic makeup has been on the market, causing damage to the skin and engaging in harmful and ‘non-green’ practices. The new wave of going green is not only bettering the environment, but it’s bettering your health, and in this case, your beautiful skin.

~Shelly Werts

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