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~by Ruth West

Picking a word for this coming year is a fun activity – but also an important ritual. Our words carry the INTENTION of our thoughts. According to Quantum Physics, Words create energy waves that become concrete. They can materialize as if by magic – if they agree with your core beliefs. Words can be evocative – lush, slimy, comforting, hurtful, puzzling. (So - what does antidisestablishmentarianism actually Mean?? Is Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia even a word? [yes] )

But, seriously, let’s sit down and pick a word for the entire coming year that embodies what you hope to BE in the year ahead. According to the Law of Attraction – you cannot have - or do - what you not already ARE at the very core of your Being.

Susan Conway ( offers a wonderful free journal entitled, “Unravel Your Year 2021”, on her website – that takes you through many reflective exercises to help you discover your WORD.

When your word comes to you, decide how you will build your life around it, in the coming 12 months. Choose carefully. Take your time. Mull things over. You will be using this word to project the outcome of your future.

While you are at it, choose all your words with care. They have an impact on you, on other people, on other living beings, and on Planet Earth. According to scientist, Eileen McKusick, the sound of your words informs the electrical systems of all living beings around you. Dr. Emoto famously demonstrated that your words even restructure the very shape of water molecules. Words are powerful – so be careful how you wield them.

AFTER you select your word, decide how you will implement it in your life. Action Steps follow Words - and Create opportunities. Thoughts – become Words – Become Deeds – become Creations. Create Magic this coming year with your Word of the Year.

Happy New Year!

~ Crone

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