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Drink to Your Health!

~by Ruth West

Water – Water – Everywhere!

In front of me, sits a lovely glass of pure spring Water. I gaze into small green and blue and white tinged bubbles and, gently closing my eyes, I imagine a little waterfall flowing down over multi-colored rocks, and traveling into a swiftly moving stream, at my feet. Sun shines obliquely over the scene - I can see sparking gems in the descending sheets of water – and rainbows spreading out into the stream in soft water-color streaks. It is never the same twice, as it picks up minerals and salts from the soil underneath.

Water is one of our best allies. The body is mostly water. It moves in and out of our body in many subtle ways. Staying properly hydrated is essential. Mother Nature is as dependent on water as we are. A jellyfish and a cucumber are both 95% water (according to Seametrics –“100 Amazing Water Facts You Should Know”).

We are intimately intertwined with Water in more ways than we think about, on a daily basis. It takes 300 liters of water to produce the paper in your Sunday News. It takes about 6,800 gallons of water to grow one day’s food - for a family of four. Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci and Niccolo Macciavelli once planned to win a war by diverting the waters of the river Arno?

Your burger, that piece of chocolate, your morning show, and that daily Starbucks are just a very few of the things we take for granted – every minute.

So, please take care of this very precious resource; use it properly for your body’s health; contribute - if you can - to those who have poor sources of unsafe drinking and bathing water; treasure and appreciate Water – say “Thank you” when you bite into that next juicy apple.

To your health and the health of the Planet!


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