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Happy Mother's Day

~by Ruth West

Happy Mother’s Day!

There are all kinds of Moms, and Grandmas, and step-moms – and we are all special. My Mom was a very special lady – one of the ones who did things with me - and showed me the way to live. She read “Heidi” to me, until I could read for myself. We watched movies together – everything from “Peter Pan” to “Camelot.” We did so many things together - she exposed me to great music and great stage productions, and great art and great books. We talked and communicated about so many things – she was my best friend.

I was lucky to have two Grandma’s in my life – very different from each other – and yet they added flavor and grace and richness to my life. The most valuable things these three women gave me were time and attention and love – and I am very grateful for them all.

Now, I am the Mother of two daughters - who are also Mom’s. They are very different from each other. But they are both great Mom’s – not only to their own children, but to many other children, and living Beings. I am very proud of them.

I had a lovely Mother’s Day in remembrance of all the Mother in my life – I hope you did too!

~ Crone

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