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Tea Time

~by Ruth West

Welcome! Come – sit – have a cuppa!

The Brits have a lovely tradition that we could all benefit from right now. In the afternoon, they take time to relax and sit for a brew, some sandwiches, and a pastry. Talk of politics, religion, the news, problems – are all banned in favor of news about the garden, planting, and old friends. Whenever there is a small kerfuffle, a good strong cup of tea (with plenty of sugar) will soon put things right!

Of course, right now, we will have to have a virtual Tea Party, so stretch your imagination. I am pouring you a cup of steaming tea from a beautiful flowered china pot. Would you like some lemon, or some cream – or some honey? I pass you a lovely plate, piled high with little sandwiches – no crust of course – filled with all kinds of tasty treats – some of the fillings are from my very own plot – like the cucumber or the radish or the watercress or the dill. Here is the tier of marvelous pastries – please help yourself. I prefer the strawberry jam tarts.

Now, just sit in that comfy chair over there, and let’s talk about the flower beds that are just coming into bloom – this year I scattered seeds for wild-flowers – their colors will be glorious - especially the yellows, and the purples.

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it for the next 5 days – sit and unwind in the afternoon. Pick a cozy corner. Drink a lovely cup of herbal tea – slowly – from a pleasing cup. Nibble on some dainty sandwiches (or crackers) and some fancy confections (or just your favorite cookies). Reflect on your blessings. Take this small time-out for refreshment of the soul.

Join me


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