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~by Ruth West


Bet you couldn’t guess I was humming “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles! Bet you also couldn’t guess I was tuning up my insides! According to Jonathan Goldman, one of my favorite speakers (who was also at Woodstock – for those of you who remember that epic event), humming is really GOOD for you. Quantum Science tells us we are all made of Energy, that vibrates at different wave-lengths to produce different forms. Sound IS vibration – and we carry it with us everywhere.

Humming is a terrific tool. You can use it to shift your moods and your thoughts immediately – and it’s FREE!! If you do plan on using it as a HEALING tool, though, there are a few basics to remember. First, set an intention for what you want this humming session to do. Then, make sure your tongue is slightly touching the roof of your mouth for good results. After this – a big breath in and a long HUMMMM out.

There are two ways the sound of humming can affect you. One is - when “Black Velvet” hits your eardrums, the song goes spiraling into your brain, where it is interpreted and sent back down to your feet for dancing. The other is, when those acoustics go directly into your cells and affect the molecules – even rearranging them – and then set your body swaying automatically, in time with the rhythm.

Because I resonate with this melody, I can boost my immune system, lower my blood pressure, release nitric oxide to open up my circulation, clear up my sinuses, AND produce an anti-viral agent in my body, all while humming this tune in my car. How cool is that!

Hey, catch you on the dance floor, where I will be humming my favorite song – good social distancing – of course!)

~ Crone

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