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Zen and the Art of The Corona V

~by Ruth West

Zen and the Art of The Corona V


Yes. You can’t end the Virus, but you can look at it from a different perspective – opportunity. Now is your chance – while you are not pushing your to-do list, or your over-booked calendar. While you have limited social obligations. While you don’t have to impress anyone. Do LESS. It is your chance to slow down and really sit with YOURSELF for a change.

No more multi-tasking. As the Zen Monks say, “When you’re pouring water – just pour water!”

Do things slowly and deliberately – enjoy the process – there is no need to rush right now. Prepare a simple meal, and then, relish every bite. Choose 2 or 3 healthy ingredients. Blend, stir, garnish, create – and then savor.

Just as with social distancing – distance your scheduled events – don’t jump from one to the next, out of boredom. You got so used to living off of the adrenaline of rushing – “The Rush” of racing around – always running, running - Slow Down. Take time for doing things you never “had time” to do – things you never MADE time for.

Get back to the basics – you can’t go shopping for all those non-essentials anyway – after all – how many pairs of shoes do you really need as you shelter in place? Are trendy clothes really so important? Do you really need a TV in the bathroom? Stop to consider what your real priorities are now. Shouldn’t health and family be your top two considerations at this time?

Two gifts from the situation we find ourselves in right NOW, are learning to value what we have, reconnecting with our authentic selves, and recognizing what is really important in life – OK that’s three!

And while you have a little time on your hands, I recommend, “Zen Habits: Mastering the Art of Change” by Leo Babauta. You can find this thought-provoking book in its entirety for free on-line. You have got the Time, now.

To the next chapter in our lives

~ Crone

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