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From Caterpillar to Butterfly – an Old Story

~by Ruth West

We caterpillars were just minding our own business – crawling everywhere – gobbling up all the goodies of Mother Earth – a bite here – a bigger bite there. We were getting fat by taking more than our fair share. Chomp, chomp, chomp – consume, consume, consume. Then suddenly – POP – this Pandemic forced us into this cocoon to take a “great pause” in our greedy little lives!

Whoa It’s pretty dark in this cocoon. Where are the controls? Why are we here again? Oh, yeah – it’s a Time-out for us to think about what we did when we were caterpillars. Well, we DID emit a lot of toxic stuff into the atmosphere. I guess we did dump a lot of lead into the soil - where food was trying to grow. We sure did dump a lot of garbage into the Oceans. Oh – I guess they did have to cut down a lot of rain forest – to make all this great junk we were hoarding. It was just so tempting to take more, and more, and more without considering consequences!

Wait – something’s happening in here! Things are churning and dissolving! We are starting to think we are supposed to be the stewards of the Planet. We are beginning to be grateful for what we already have – and want to share it with others! It feels like we are being re-invented. We even want to give up processed foods! We want to become a better version of ourselves. It’s gonna take a lot of effort to change - and then break out of this cocoon - but I think we’re gonna make it!

AHHHHH – lovely – we’ve escaped! Hey - Fresh air and beautiful flowers and green trees! We just looked at our reflection in that clear Lake over there - and we were beautiful! Our colors are so vivid and bright. We suddenly feel so Light. The transformation and all the hard work in that old cocoon were worth it. Let’s flit away and spread the news.

~ Crone

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