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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

~by Ruth West

It’s dawn. I look out the kitchen window with my little aqua flashlight. It arcs over the glittering ice crystals that have formed overnight in the little puddle. I sigh and, taking my warm cocoa, slump down in the lounge chair. I gratefully point my toes, covered with woolly socks, toward the last embers in the fireplace. Outside, the light is beginning to edge in. I can just make out the tangled bare branches of the trees.

Staring into the wavering steam of my drink, I begin to reflect on Change. The puddle of water became ice. The water from the cocoa created steam. The log had turned to embers. The dawn was slowly becoming morning. Outside, the leaves had fallen, and the earth was wearing her Winter coat.

Seasons change, and elements change, our thoughts change, our cells change. Change is the way everything grows and moves. It is creation. Renewal. Rebirth. It is the expansion of the Universe. It is me, on my way to becoming.

I can withdraw from change or I can resist it, but these are only thoughts in my Mind. In reality, everything is made of the essence we call “Energy” – energy IS change. We are in the midst of this constant swirl and we ARE this constant swirl. So relax and eddy with this spin.

Enjoy the ride with every glide and drift, every ruckle, and corkscrew, the turbulence, and the undertow. Welcome the flurries and the squalls and the gales as much as the whispers, and murmurs, and hums. It is all part of the vibration of energy and it is ALL meant for us to experience. That’s why we are taking this journey we call Life.

We ARE change. It is ALL Change.

~ Crone

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