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Merry Berry

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Written by Ruth West

Merry Berry…..

Let’s celebrate this month of this new winter with lots of J.O.Y. See the smile of that gorgeous chubby child. Hear the laughter at your favorite joke. Smell that heavenly hot cocoa in the pretty flowered mug. Taste the freshly baked slice of homemade rye loaf with the touch of dill in it. Touch the smooth roundness of the acorn and the hard edges of the unopened pine-cone. Stroke your favorite kitty or puppy. Use all your senses to conjure up your most joyous memories. Hum to your favorite melody or sing it out exuberantly. Jot down in your gratitude journal your most blissful moment.

It is true that your mind cannot hold a happy and an unhappy thought both, at the same time. The loveliest part is that you get to CHOOSE the most delicious feelings and let the others go whenever a gloomy thought creeps in. Only you are in charge of your thoughts and beliefs, and only you can feel your own feelings as intimately as you draw breath. Thoughts become words and deeds and create the reality you inhabit. No two realities are the same so truth bends in and out, becoming very personal for every single soul on the planet. Thought is an energy that flows in and out, but you can control it to become the most fantastic reality you ever create.

This January, make it a gift to yourself to celebrate the joys of the coming winter and don’t forget to hug yourself. Delight in all that is fabulous. Merry Berry!

~ Crone

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