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Re-Open Date with Restrictions

Updated: May 5, 2020

These times have been challenging for us all. As we begin to slowly, gradually and mindfully move into a new normal, let us remember to continue taking care of ourselves, our families, our community, and nature for the great good of all.


Shelly Werts, LCSW

Owner of Lotus Counseling and Wellness Center

Lotus Counseling and Wellness Center will re-open on June 1st with limited services. Below is our official memo. Please read this carefully and help us to keep everyone safe and healthy.

The following are the new policies for the wellness center as it re-opens for in-person services.

1. Mental Health and Health/Wellness Coaching will start seeing clients in-person on June 1st. Reiki therapy will start seeing clients in-person on June 15th.

2. Group in-person activities will continue to be postponed until further notice.

3. Livestreaming events will be posted on the website and on the wellness center’s Facebook page. There is also a “recorded virtual classes” channel available with a monthly subscription located under the “yoga” tab on the website.

4. Massage Therapy will be postponed until further notice. Additional policies and procedures for this service will be published prior to offering this.

5. All individuals receiving services at the wellness center must comply with the new standards set by the Kentucky Government as set forth:

a. Vulnerable populations with medical conditions that would put them at risk of acquiring COVID-19/Corona Virus will resume Tele-Health services.

b. We encourage all clients to consider continuing Tele-Health services for Mental Health and Health Coaching to reduce the risk of exposure to or the spread of COVID-19/Corona Virus.

c. All clients will receive an appointment reminder with a short health screen requiring you to call the office if you meet any of the criteria to change your appointment from in-person to Tele-Health for Mental Health and Health Coaching. Reiki clients will be expected to reschedule your in-person session after you are symptom free for two weeks.

d. All clients must wait in their vehicles to be called into the wellness center for their appointments. At which time you will undergo a brief health screen prior to entering the wellness center as part of your appointment.

e. All individuals receiving services will be required to wear a mask into the center prior to entering. Please do not enter the wellness center if you are not wearing a mask. You must provide your own masks. If you decline to wear a mask, you will be asked to leave and reschedule at a later date.

f. All individuals receiving services will be required to wash/sanitize their hands upon entering the wellness center. After washing your hands please have a seat and you will be assisted shortly thereafter.

g. All individuals receiving services will have their temperature checked prior to receiving services as part of their scheduled appointment.

h. Lobby space will be limited to 4 chairs that are measured six feet apart and only for those seen directly for services. There cannot be extra people in the lobby. Only clients who have an appointment can attend.

i. Children under age 5 must remain home. Children ages 5-12 who have an appointment can attend with one adult. All additional family members must wait in their vehicles or stay home. Teens can attend the appointment alone, however adults must wait in the car in the parking lot. Please do not drop off your children/teens and leave the premises as they will need to leave directly after their appointments. Parents must remain available on the premises.

j. The wellness center will be closed daily from 12-1 PM during normal business hours Monday through Friday and closed during the weekend unless there are scheduled appointments.

k. The break-room is closed to all clients and only open to staff.

l. Please ensure you have at least three appointments scheduled at all times for therapeutic services. You can accomplish this through self-scheduling in the client portal or calling the office at 502-618-2823. This will help to reduce further exposure to COVID-19 by limiting time at the front desk.

m. We will only be accepting credit cards payments and will not accept cash/checks for co-payments or services rendered to minimize cross contamination.

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