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The March Winds Are Blowing!

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

~by Ruth West

The March winds are blowing! Winds bring Change!

Pooh, being a Bear of very little Brain, is mostly Heart. Heart is where Winnie keeps his Emotions (called Feelings). Right now, Pooh Feels FEAR. Pooh is going to Tackle FEAR in his usual fashion, because, as he knows, after March comes April - and everything will Change.

F = Feel the feeling

E = Engage

A = Allow

R = Release

As every Bear knows, FEAR is just a Feeling – one of many, in his Emotions Toolbox. If Grandma and Grandpa Pooh hadn’t felt any Fear, and run from that Saber-tooth Tiger, Winnie wouldn’t be here today to give you a cuddle.

Winnie understands that you need to Engage your emotions. I call my Fear, “Eloise”. Dear Eloise, why are you here right now? What can you teach me? Are you reasonable? How can you help me face the Virus? What are you bringing to my attention, now that I have to stay indoors? What’s your Purpose?

Pooh takes the next step – Allow. After Feeling, and Engaging, he Allows for answers to come – answers like “HONEY!” He’s going to have a Spring Clean. Then it’s Time to make up a Song. Next, he’ll go for a walk in the Wind. Maybe he can try a carrot from Rabbit’s Garden? After that, he will sit on a log and think, think, think. Then he will LISTEN to a really good meditation (like “The Coronavirus Meditation” by his friend, Brian Scott on You Tube).

Finally, Pooh Bear appreciates that Release will help him COPE. He takes in a big Breath – enough to make his Rumbly Tummy fill, and then Puff – out it goes. Hang on Piglet, it’s March – but April is on its way. The energy of the Winds will bring us all the Change we need.

Thank you Pooh!


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