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Yoga Classes are $13/class teens and adults. 
10 Class pass is $100
Class descriptions are located below the calendar.


Beginners Yoga:  This class is an invitation to return to the beginner's mind and open to most abilities from beginner to expert with a focus on taking a journey through the poses of yoga. This class will offer in-depth instruction in poses as well as a variety of modifications.

Gentle Yoga:  Gentle yoga offers a beginner friendly class that is a slow paced practice combining gentle movement, stretching, breath work, and meditation that is accessible to most students.

Group Sound Healing:  Once per month and costs $15; Sound healing can bring us back into our natural state of balance, realigning the chakras, aura and physical body to its natural state of healthy resonant vibration.

Sound vibrations penetrate and impact the nervous system, engaging our parasympathetic nervous system (or rest and digest system), decreasing stress and increasing higher states of consciousness.  

Flow Yoga:  Flow Yoga combines the elements of slow vinyasa flow and Hatha yoga to create a unique and dynamic experience. With a focus on modifications and
guidance, this class is suitable for yogis of all levels. The slow vinyasa flow allows us to synchronize our movements with our breath, promoting a sense of calm and mindfulness throughout the practice.  Incorporating Hatha yoga, we hold poses for longer durations, allowing for deep stretches and increased flexibility. Whether you
are a beginner or an experienced yogi, this hybrid class ensures that everyone can participate and receive the benefits of this practice.

Yin Restoration Yoga:  Yin Restoration Yoga offers you an opportunity to recover from a fast paced life, creating space for self-care that is accessible, releasing tension that may be holding you back from fully living and moving through life, and create a deeper connection between mind and body.  In this class you will practice breathwork, gentle stretching, hold yoga poses to access the deeper connective tissues, and relax into restoration. This will increase flexibility both in mind and body while addressing how stress impacts your mind, body and spirit. This practice gives you time to turn inward, meditate or experience mindfulness.  (this class is entirely on the floor; there are no standing poses)

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