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Sound Healing

How Do Crystal Bowls Help:

“Everything moves & vibrates from the smallest molecule to the Universe. Quantum physics is proving this to be true. Everything is energy, with its own vibrational frequency. When we are ill (dis-ease) or have stress, anxiety, fear, tension, it creates an imbalance in the cells or organs. We become out of sync with our natural rate of vibration. This makes us vibrate at a lower frequency. Quartz crystal singing bowls can bring us back into our natural state of balance, relining the chakras, aura and physical body to its natural state of healthy resonant vibration. By using singing bowls, it increases the vibration in our body and heals us.

The sound vibrations impact our nervous system, engaging our relaxation reflex and inhibiting the stress or pain response and induce altered states of consciousness. As the bowls are made from Crystal , it creates a vibration that will amplify and transform the healing energies, which are stored within the bowl, and work directly with the crystalline structure of the body. The sound from crystal singing bowls makes the brain to move into the Theta brainwave frequencies which is a healing frequency. It will also creating a balance and synchronization in the two hemispheres of the brain The sound of the singing bowl works on all levels. Physically, Spiritually, Emotionally and Mentally.”

~Ali Young



✓ Reduce stress, depression and anxiety

✓Lower anger and blood pressure

✓Improve circulation and increases blood flow

✓Deep relaxation and pain relief

✓Chakra balancing

✓Increase mental and emotional clarity

✓Promote stillness, happiness, and wellbeing.

✓Stimulate the immune system.

✓Removes blockages and toxins from the body

✓Helps to recover after an illness, traumas, and medical treatments.

✓Helps you to connect with your higher self

✓Balances both hemispheres of the brain

✓Sends healing to all cells

✓Sleep soundly and feel the effect of the treatment after several days


Schedule an appointment with: 
Shelly Werts
An Individual Sound Healing session costs $60 and lasts 50-60 minutes.


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