Updated: Apr 19, 2020

~by Ruth West

What is that woman in the park doing? Her face looks so serene – I want to feel that peace and well-being, but how?

According to Quantum Science studies, EVERYTHING in the Universe is made of pure energy – including you and me. We are of the same Star-stuff as the Milky Way. So, what do we do with this magical Energy?

One technique to work with Energy, and use it to heal, is called Qigong. It combines ancient wisdom, modern science, and your Mind’s own power of creativity to bring about self-healing. It is about directing your Chi (Life Force) to where it is needed most, through a series of gentle movements, chanting certain sound vibrations, visualization and meditation techniques, and practicing several principles that Master Mingong Gu, of Spring Forest Qigong, calls the “Six Golden Keys”- They are:

#1 Activate your Divine Blueprint with the chant, Haola, which means “I AM”- Its sound

circulates the energy of well-being

#2 Practice your Inner Smile – “I AM Love” – this act of self-love brings kindness to the

body’s energy field (Master Gu explains how-to’s on his website)

#3 Engage is Service – “I AM Connected” – these acts of sharing amplify healing and

transformation for the highest good of all

#4 Trust – “I AM Enough” – realizing that all things are working together in Flow for

your best result

#5 Chi Field – “I AM a Co-creator” – Initiating our Collective power to connect with, and

embody Chi by receiving energy from the community and your lineage

#6 Practice – “I AM Now” – The Wise Ones tells us that deep healing and awakening

have to come from within and practice makes this possible