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Setting Goals

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Written by: Megan Cade

Setting goals allows you to paint a vision of what you wish your future to be.

~Catherine Pulsifer

Have you ever noticed that gym memberships skyrocket during January? New Year’s resolutions aimed at increasing health and vitality lead to an increase in promises to exercise more or eat clean. New Year’s resolutions are great, but January is not the only time to set wellness goals for the future. As July ends, and August begins I challenge you to renew and reset your wellness goals. Some of you may be thinking, where do I begin? Do I need gym equipment? Meal planning tools? The answer is no. Sit back and relax because all you will need is your mind and a vision.

Wellness visions are simple narratives explaining the ways we can work towards more consistent goal for overall health and wellness (Moore & Tschannen, 2010). Basically, it means what does your ideal life look like? If you represented the epitome of health and wellness what would it look like? A wellness vision is a personal statement, a promise to be better, live better, and feel better.

Take a minute to exercise your imagination. Picture yourself feeling physically and mentally well. Where are you in this vision? What are you doing? Who is present with you? My personal wellness vision involves myself surrounded by friends and family, all healthy and happy. Wellness visions can be specific to one area of your life or less specific and include multiple areas. Finally, wellness visions can be as simple as your perfect day, either at home or at work, on vacation or taking care of your family. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and let your mind wonder. There is no need to overthink your vision, run with and build on your first thoughts and feelings.

Wellness visions are each unique. However, here are some ideas of where to begin. Think of one or two of your best experiences (Moore & Tschannen, 2010). What were you doing when you were at your happiest? Or, think of one or two experiences you hope to have in the future? Maybe you felt your best when you were cooking nutritious meals at home for your family. Perhaps you hope to experience the exhilaration of crossing the finish line at your first half marathon. The experiences and possibilities are endless.

Another way to structure your wellness vision is to look at your core values and strengths (Moore & Tschannen, 2010). A simple way to pin- point top values is to google a list of values and spend time circling your top ten, eventually editing it down to three to five of the most importance. Next, list your top three strengths. Asking for help from friends and family can make this an easier exercise but I encourage you to get comfortable listing the things that make you amazing.

Finally, share your vision with you support system (Moore & Tschannen, 2010). Challenge your friends and family to work on their own vision. Work together to make positive and long-lasting changes to your life. You hold the key to your vision, and you have the power to change your life. If you need a little help getting there, Lotus Counseling and Wellness Center offers individual wellness coaching sessions. Together we can develop and implement a wellness plan tailored to your lifestyle and budget. While perfection is unattainable, happiness and peace of mind are within reach.


Moore, M. & Tschannen, B. (2010) Coaching Psychology Manuel. Philadelphia, PA: Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins.

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