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Group Therapy

Women's Wellness Therapy Group
Starts in August

Open group format:  each week is a new topic related to women’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

You must onboard through the office manager by calling or texting 502-618-2823.  She will enroll you into our Simple Practice software and verify your insurance.  If you are already enrolled in our system, please inform Shelby of your interest in the group.  Self-pay rate is $50 per session.

Must be an adult woman or female identifying ages 18+ 

Space is limited to 12 for each group session.

Please do not schedule for group sessions you cannot attend due to space limitations.

Telehealth Group on Tuesdays from 6:00-7:00 pm


Explore women’s wellness through the lens of empowerment practices, mindfulness, Ayurveda health counseling, Yoga, mental health, and more.  Each week will focus on a new topic to help you build a well-rounded toolbox for self-care, holistic health, and balance.  We will be focusing on women's empowerment practices, changing old habits, creating sustainable health, connecting with your body on a deeper level, self-esteem and self-image, self-worth and confidence, relationships and communication, mental health and wellness, getting to the core of who you are, healing old wounds, discovering your truth, building authenticity, creating and growing intent, and cultivating new beginnings.  We will explore limiting beliefs, also known as agreements, we make with ourselves, do the work of cleaning them out, and create sustainable healthy changes for mind, body, emotion, and spirit.  Together we will learn how to identify patterns, habits, and beliefs that no longer support our highest good while unlocking the inner core of who we are truly meant to be.    

The Women’s Wellness Therapy Group is an empowering space where women can delve into their emotions, challenge societal norms, and support one another.   Group sessions can provide an empathetic space to connect with others experiencing similar challenges.  Women can embark on a collective journey towards healing and personal growth.

All instructional materials included within the group.  Please ensure you wear comfortable clothing and have a journal or notebook accessible. 

Group is facilitated by Shelly Werts, LCSW, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, Yoga Teacher, Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider, and Warrior Goddess Training Facilitator

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