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Craft Your Vision Using Vision Boarding

You’re likely planning on how you want your 2021 year to look like, but if there’s anything we’ve learned from 2020, it’s to not expect any of it to actually go to plan. However, that doesn’t mean your vision for the New Year has been totally pushed aside and you can absolutely make it all happen with a vision board.

A vision board can be filled with all of the goals that you want to accomplish for that year. You can also make it creative by adding inspiration quotes, photos, and more; a nice, personal touch goes a long way for inspiration! Here are some tips on how to create the best vision board.

1. Set Realistic Goals

An unrealistic goal for 2021 might be “traveling to Italy for a week” noting that we’re in the middle of the pandemic and traveling is likely not possible just yet - at least out of the country. A more realistic goal may be “making my bed every morning” or taking it a step further with “eat healthy dinners ⅗ days a week.” As you progress through the goals, you can always change them or update them as you see fit. You could up that ⅗ healthy dinners per week goal to ⅘ or even a full week’s worth of healthy dinners! That ultimately benefits you, so it’s a win/win! This brings us to the next point...

2. Keep Your Vision Board Updated

Your vision will often change as you make progress. This means it’s important to keep your board updated and to not lose that inspiration that drove you to create the board in the first place.

You also may develop new visions along the way, so be sure to keep a blank spot open for when a new goal arises!

3. Place It Somewhere You’ll See It Regularly

While it’s okay to create a vision board on websites like Pinterest, it’s highly probable you won’t see it every day and may not even open Pinterest. If you truly want your vision board to work in your favor, you’ll need to place it somewhere where you’ll see it every single day. This means creating a physical board or maybe placing it on your desktop computer if that means you’ll see it more often. Whatever works best for you!

Some great tips include making multiple vision boards based on certain aspects of your life. For instance, you can create a family-oriented vision board for home and a career-focused board to have in your work office. This helps ensure your goals and visions are always at the forefront of your mind.

Get ready to visualize all of your dreams coming to fruition!


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