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Happy Birthday to Me – Happy Birthday to Me – Happy Birthday Dear….

~by Ruth West

OOPS! I almost forgot it was that day! I have been so busy! Well, let’s think about Age. Is it a dreaded word - or not? Is it a crisis? Should I go buy a Ferrari? Let’s see - 16..21…30..40..50..or – oh, yeah – 72. Well, these are all just numbers, anyway.

I guess I will have to turn that burger in for some Fish. On the other hand – I can be ME. I can go to Walmart without Make-up. I can say what I want to – and pass it off as a Senior Moment. Speaking of “Senior” – I LOVE using my senior Discount everywhere!

Dr. Bruce Lipton says that my cells completely renew themselves every few days – and that I can change my neural pathways (in my Brain) to help prevent disease. That sounds pretty exciting! In fact, I live in the Age of Information. There is so much out there to learn, and do, and think about, - and discover.

As I reflect, I can see that I have faced many challenges - and made it through. I have a great family – and friends – to rely on. I’ve gained wisdom, resilience, and maturity. I’ve learned plenty of lessons and received a bazillion gifts. I’ve been places - and had all kinds of experiences – that have given me memories to last a lifetime.

Most of all – I think I like Me – just as I am. I can ACCEPT myself –not as my Personality – that is just the surface stuff – but as my Essence - what really counts – inside – at my very Core. I carry inside me everything that is truly important. What a Birthday present to give to Me!

Oh, I still want to color my hair – but I have character. My life has been worthwhile – it mattered in the World. I cherish the Love in my Life. And I embrace Gratitude. I can’t ask for more than what I already hold. In fact, I really don’t need that Ferrari after all!

Thank You

~ Crone

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