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The Ayurvedic Tip

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

~by Gigi Santiago

“One of the most nourishing ways to tend to your digestive fire (Agni) in the morning is a nourishing yet light breakfast. Ayurveda teaches that the vibrancy of that fire dictates our vibrancy, heath, and vitality! Let's stoke it.”

This is so easy and delicious!

• dollop of ghee or coconut oil in a small pot • pinch of cardamon • pinch of saffron • lightly simmer so oil takes on the flavor of these spices • add two small apples (or one large) cubed

• optional raisins for extra iron 👌🏼 • add 1 tbsp water • cover, stir occasionally until desired consistency is reached (soft, but not mushy)

Bless & enjoy!

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