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Trataka Meditation

~by Ruth West

So – what does this odd configuration have to do with Meditation?

First, let me explain that this is not a religious symbol – this is pure geometry. A series of inter-locking triangles - it is called a Shri Yantra. It represents many things, including “wealth” - and well-being. So – how is this connected to meditation?

When I try to meditate – my Mind wanders. I need something quick, and powerful – to turn off the chatter. I heard about a practice called Trataka – a type of deep gazing at a picture of this, or a similar, construction. How could this possibly work? I should just simply gaze at the photo of this object for five to ten minutes a day? What will that do for me, I hear you ask?

For a start - this focus can gradually change brain waves to Theta and Gamma ranges – meaning that it will calm my Brain.

The Shri Yantra – in its many forms - is thought to be a geometrical diagram, depicting both the physical and the non-physical realms – using these inter-connecting and inter-dependent shapes and lines. As with any beautiful work of art – it can be contemplated from many different angles.

It might represent the concept of balance in the Universe. Or you can choose to hone in on the patterns of the piece – deciding that they represent the material World - or perhaps the Cosmic Plan. The “circles” might illustrate the Cycles of Nature. The original 9 triangles create 43 more triangles – alluding to the complexity of the Earth. At the core - is the starting point of the creation of the sculpture.

This design can bring about a “wealth” (pun intended) of ideas about Life and its infinite motifs. You can gain insights from this symbol in a variety of Mindful ways. Find a comfortable seat and start to observe the composition. Take your time to examine its intricacies from inside out -and from outside in. Reflect on the mysteries. Problems and issues recede into the background – as you shift your center of attention – following each contour with your gaze.

The prattle subsides and my Mind quiets down. Suddenly – without effort – I am meditating. Staring at a picture has helped – who would have thought?!

Peaceful Gazing everyone

~ Crone

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