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Vision Board

~by Ruth West

Smile! You’re on Vision Board!

Are you ready for an adventure? This is the perfect time to pull out your old magazines, a Dollar Tree Binder, some glue, some poster board – plus your most colorful markers. But, the most important ingredient is your imagination.

Relax with your favorite music – have some cocoa, or a cup of tea, or a glass of wine. Close your eyes and set an intention for what theme you want your board to represent. Then get to work! Go through the mags and find images and words that really resonate with YOU. Even your choice of colors will elicit certain feelings. Take your time – this is a process to enjoy, and one that will enhance your creativity. Really reflect on what you want to have in every aspect of your life, and what really matters to you most. Jot down a few notes if it helps. Honor your own needs, ambitions, and desires. Then, give yourself permission to dream BIG.

Start with a picture of your smiling self – one that radiates sheer joy - in the middle of your poster board. Then, there are all kinds of keynotes to consider - “My bucket list,” “Places to travel” (Later – or even just in imagination), “A day at the zoo (or some other great memory),” “What My perfect day will look like,” “Health, self-care, and fitness goals,” “This is a vision of my best life,” or you can just put random images and words in a pleasing arrangement (your sub-conscious will sort this out for you in a way that is meaningful).

Once you have glued everything to your board, you can draw, paint, or embellish it with anything that inspires you, including souvenirs, or found objects such as twigs, leaves, shells, stones, and other objects from Nature that have meaning for you. Many prefer to hang their finished product where they can see it. I had so much fun making my board(s) that I ended up with too many to hang, so I opted for the binder so that I could have many themes - plus it is very portable. You can frame yours, scan it to your desk top, laminate it and put it by your kitchen sink, use iron-on or transfer paper to make it into a T-shirt, make it a tri-fold so that it will stand alone beside your computer, or use a photo of it to make a background image for your phone.

There are so many ways to play. Check often to see if you can find new insights on your board. Your board can provide clarity for your values and goals, or it can serve to motivate you. Use it as a compass, to point you in the direction of your dreams. You can take an inner journey, using symbolism from your board. You can even use it as a Mindful Meditation, to help increase your self-awareness. It can be a self-empowerment tool for helping you bring about changes in your life, or helping you affirm your own identity.

Invite more happiness and fulfillment into your life by focusing on the images you have selected. Then, start looking for the Universe to show you opportunities for achieving what’s on that board - or in your Vision Book. Look everywhere for the signs - because they will show up in unexpected places. Most of all – have a good time while designing this exercise – it is meant to be fun!

I’m getting out my scissors now!


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