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What Are These Unusual Looking Instruments???

~by Ruth West

Do I eat with these? Do I use them to curl my hair? Actually, they are Tuning Forks – and the most amazing thing is – you can use them to heal yourself! How can that be? If you agree that we are all made of Energy, and that this energy vibrates at different rates, then you will soon discover how these funny-looking little forks can help you realign your Energy System, by creating a resonance between your Mind, Body, and Emotions.

Our Nervous System – like a musical instrument – vibrates to sounds. The most important Forks to use are C and G – but Amazon has reasonably priced sets. Not all sets are created equal – so I recommend a nice set for beginners by Supertek (8 for $34.99). I also like the wealth of information that Eileen Day McKusick, and Jonathan Goldman offer on their respective websites – and it is a treat to listen to Eileen’s free interview on The Shift Network (just Google).

Healing notes played an important role in many ancient teachings – Lao Tzu (Chinese philosopher and practitioner of the Tao) spoke of the C and G notes as the sound of Universal harmony between Yin and Yang. In India, these were the notes calling Shiva and Shakti to create in the Dance of Life. Apollo plucked these 2 notes to call Dolphin messengers to the Oracles.

But this is ancient history. What can we expect from these notes today? They can help alleviate depression, stimulate Nitric Oxide to release anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and immune enhancement, balance the 2 sides of the nervous system, and release healing hormones – to name just a few of the benefits.

So how do you use this technique? Hold your Tuning Forks by the stems, and gently tap one on each of your knees (not the knee-caps – please!) Bring them slowly to your ears – about 3 to 6 inches away – then listen to the sounds. When the sounds stop, lower your forks and wait about 15 seconds before repeating the technique.

There are many other methods and variations – and another Fork called the OM – for ultimate healing and relaxation. This Energy Medicine is a fascinating field worth exploring and experimenting with. To your health!

~ Crone

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