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Grief Group

“Little by little, we let go of loss… but never of love.” If you have ever experienced grief, whether that be through losing someone, losing a relationship or friendship, losing an experience, and many, many more things, you have experienced one of life’s greatest hardships. You know how earth-shattering grief can be, whether the person or thing lost was a major part of your life, or just a small one. Grief is never easy, and it is very difficult to understand and go through alone. Meet with us for Grief group therapy at Lotus Counseling and Wellness Center, for a place to heal, learn, and grow. You will have the chance to learn from others, share stories of your loved one and situations, and work towards healing those gaps that grief leaves in your heart and in your life. We will learn how to navigate grief and accept its’ part in our lives, while also making room for the good that we need.

Scheduling for this group is limited to 8 individuals that are willing to participate for the entire 6 weeks. Each session is 1 hour long from 12-1 pm starting November 1st on Tuesdays and is facilitated by Hannah Johns, LCSW and LMFT. Scheduling is accomplished through emailing our office manager Shelby at as you will be using insurance or private pay.

*Participants are subject to No-show and cancellation fees as noted in our policies

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