Tips for Processing Life Changes as a Result of the COVID-19 Pandemic

~by Jennifer Scott

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, you may have been mourning everything you’ve missed out on over the past few months and lamenting the fact that you’ve been forced to make painful changes. Maybe you’ve wondered if anything good could possibly come out of this crisis. Right now, it might seem hard to believe, but the truth is that with the right attitude, you can see the good in a tough situation. Here’s how to use a few changes this pandemic has brought to your own benefit.

Becoming Self-Sufficient

Perhaps you’ve spent a decent chunk of time on DIY projects lately, from planting a small garden to updating your kitchen cabinets. Maybe your first efforts were messy, but over time, you’ve probably sharpened your skills!

Although some local businesses may be reopening near you, it’s still safer to handle certain tasks on your own. For example, it may be a bit risky to go to a salon or barber shop right now, so you could consider giving yourself a haircut at home instead. It’s easy to assume that you could snip away with any random pair of scissors, but it’s better to shell out a little cash for specialized gadgets, like a hair clipper and a hair-cutting mirror.

Buying a Home

You may have cancelled lots of plans since the beginning of the pandemic, but sometimes, you simply need to go ahead with essential business. Maybe you’ve had to provide childcare for a relative, interact with clients and customers for work, or even travel to another state. Or perhaps you were getting ready to move before the pandemic began, so you had to keep house hunting despite the changes in the real estate market.

With support from the right real estate agent, you can still navigate the home-buying process by securing a mortgage and conducting local market research online. You can even scope out homes through your computer or smar