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Chakras for the New Year

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

~by Ruth West

Hello again and welcome to 2020 – the year of the Shift!

What better way to start out this powerful year than to balance our Chakras! The Self is made of a physical, mental, emotional, and a spiritual body. Whatever happens in our spiritual body shows up in our physical body, but for every physical problem there is a spiritual solution. When you suppress physical symptoms, even with medication, you have not addressed the root of the problem. One way to heal a problem is through balancing the Chakras. Chakras are simply the many small energy centers that make up the mental/emotional/physical/spiritual body. Much has been written about the 7 main chakras and how to balance and care for them - a very good website is . It includes Yoga poses and some very intriguing chakra tattoos, as well as great information about location, associated color, element, sound, gemstone, essential oil, related ailments, affirmations, and how to boost or balance the energy of each center. Start this particular new year right, and blessings to all.

~ Crone

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